Ways to Use Solar Lights

  • Solar pathway lights. You may want to light up a pathway to your outdoor hot tub or your gazebo and just to the end of your yard. What better way to do it but with solar pathway lights or patio lights.
  • Solar landscape lights. You may want to enhance facets of your landscape. You can do this with sets of landscape lights that can be place anywhere to accentuate whatever you want to bring out.
  • Solar spotlights. You may want to enhance a special tree, shrub or flower garden or just light up you house numbers. Many types of solar lights are available to do just that.
  • Solar stepping stone lights. Along your pathways, add a solar stepping-stone. These come in 12-14 inch square shapes or 12-14 inch circular shapes and have a small light that lights up at night. What a marvelous way to accentuate your pathways.
  • Solar rocks. Solar rocks are lights in the shape of rocks and are usually spotlights. These can be intermingled within your rock garden to light up your rocks, ponds or whatever you’d like to light up.
  • Solar security lights. There are even solar motion detector lights. Imagine having one of these in your far ranges of your property and not even have to run wires to it.
  • Solar frog lights. There are solar lights in the shapes of frogs that can light up areas around your back yard ponds or just out in your yard.
  • Solar dog lights. Just like solar frog lights, there are lights affixed to dogs. These types of lights are usually lantern type lights that you can put almost anywhere. What a great conversation piece.
  • Miscellaneous other solar lights. There are many other types of lights, which would need an exhaustive list to convey them. To name a few, there are solar owls, squirrels, angels, fairies and many other shapes.