Polywood Tables

The use of polywood has been going on in outdoor construction since 1990. In recent years, the compound of recycled plastics had made its way into the furniture industry. Polywood tables are a wonderful example of being planet friendly and still useful, practical, and beautiful.

Polywood tables can be found in many fun, vibrant colors. Like its predecessor, the flimsy plastic furniture, the new polywood stands up well to the elements. It has progressed because it also stands up to the sun. The polywood is designed so that ultraviolet rays do not cause fading – this means no more painting of the furniture each spring (unfortunately it doesn’t end the entire honey-do list).

Another unique feature of the new plastic furniture is that it is designed to look like wood. The polywood tables have been molded to resemble natural wood in look and in texture. Unlike real wood, these tables will not fall prey to water, insects, or other pests. Polywood tables give consumers the strength of wood without carrying all the hassles that come from the natural product.

The price of polywood tables is extremely reasonable when you take into account all of the factors. It costs similar to solid wood furniture, but doesn’t come with the upkeep. If you compare the length of time the furniture will last the amount it will cost up front, the new polywood furniture is quite a bargain.