Pick the Mole Traps

First let’s talk about they types of traps you can use to get your mole. You may see

  • Spring traps
  • Harpoon traps
  • Choker loop traps

Luckily most any decent trap will do the trick as humanely as possible. Typically by crushing or skewering the mole and sending them instantly off to mole heaven.

Myself, I favor the choker loop trap. To me they’re the best mole traps. That’s because any mole that enters will be “eliminated” pretty darn quick. Guess that’s why they’ve been a mainstay in mole control for over 100 years. Which for my money makes it the best way to trap a mole. (You should be able to find one for around $15.)

How’s it work? Basically you slip the loops into the mole’s primary tunnel. As it burrows along, the soil is disturbed which springs the trap. Result? The mole is crushed instantaneously between the base and loops.

The trick to making loop traps work is finding which runs are the main mole thorough fares. That’s where you want to set your traps. (And notice I said traps. You’re going to want more than one.)

Finding the target runs isn’t hard. Stomp down all the mole runs you can see. Any that pop back up within a day or so tell you you’ve got a primary passageway. That’s where you want to set the trap. If you don’t have results in 72 hours you either picked the wrong tunnel, all your stomping caused the mole to set up another main run, or the mole detected the trap somehow. Obvious right?

Oh and the guy at the store? After he and I chatted a bit, he walked out with the trap I suggested. Confident he had bought one of the best mole traps available. And also confident he’d begin to get his mole problem under control in a matter of days.