Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair

Long the pleasure of resort vacations, chaise lounge chairs are now popping up on patios and pool sides allowing people to relax in luxury without leaving home. Crafted from teak wood, the best wood for outdoor furniture, they will defy the trials of Mother Nature and allow you to relax worry free from season to season. Simply let them weather to a delightful silver gray or maintain the natural golden brown hue by treating them with a teak protector annually. Either way, you’ll have an, oh so, comfortable seat to settle into and kick up your feet for awhile.

And if you want to turn the comfort level up a few notches add a plush cushion. At two and a half to three and a half inches thick and available in over 40 colors and patterns of Sunbrella fabric, you’ll be able to match your motif whether you like Caribbean blue or watermelon pink. And the best part is these cushions will last almost as long as your furniture. They won’t soak up rain or an errant spray from the hose and the sun won’t rob them of their bright hues. You can leave them out all season with their teak counterparts.

So if you want to indulge in comfort with your next patio furniture purchase, an outdoor chaise lounge chair is the perfect choice. It’s time to get rid of that rusty, fold up, plastic lounge chair with the back that won’t stay up anymore and invest in something with timeless beauty and style. Whether you want some posh poolside relaxing or a lazy spot to enjoy your morning coffee just outside your door an outdoor chaise lounge chair is right for you. Lay them flat and catch a sun kissed nap or put the back up to read while you sip a cold drink. No matter how you position them; up, down or in between, you, your family and your friends will be able to soak up the rays of endless summer comfort.

It is just that easy to get away from it all. Everyone needs a retreat, a place to go and unwind. Close your eyes and imagine yours. Create it close by. Make it an easy destination to reach. Open your door to the paradise that is your backyard escape. Lush green foliage and vibrant blooms bring color and interest to the teak landscape. Two chairs a bench and a coffee table create an intimate conversation area while three outdoor chaise lounges wait to refresh swimmers alongside the pool. A teak bar and chairs beckon to guests with cold refreshments. You have set the stage for magical memories to be made and an extraordinary summer to be had while you sink into your outdoor chaise lounge chair and relax in luxury.