Organic Lawn Care

Mow your Lawn Higher

There are many of us who think that the lower we mow the lawn at one go, the less we will have to mow over a period of time. But what happens is exactly the opposite thing. As we mow lower, there is increasing chance that the grass will be covered by weeds, thus making it increasingly difficult for the green blades to reach the sunlight and prepare food. What is triggered is an increased rate of growth so that the blades can get over the weeds and prepare the food. This also leads the plants to use up more of its resources than it should and hence be weakened. On the other hand mowing higher allows the blades to stay higher and carry on photosynthesis. So growth of the blades is normal and plant stays healthier.

Don’t be too Frequent with Your Watering

All of us know that water is crucial to life and even more so for plants. But you must know how much you should water so that the grass on the lawn is at its best of health. Watering too frequently can actually not be so good for the lawn. What it leads to is that the grass gets water too easily and hence its roots don’t go deep enough. Instead the weeds make stronger roots and grow healthy. Infrequent watering would mean that the grass roots go deep into the soil and make the plant healthier.

So when is it right for you to water?

The best time would be to water when the heads of the blades curl a little inwards. That is the ideal time before the grass starts turning brown. However, even if you are a bit late, things can still be rescued. All that is needed is extra care. Yu might have to water twice. Place a cup at the centre of the lawn and sprinkle water. When the cup is half-an-inch full leave the soil to soak in the water for about thirty minutes. Next spray water till the water level inside the cup reaches 1 inch.