Elements in Swimming Pool Landscaping


Another very important thing to consider in swimming pool landscaping is safety. The swimming pool can be a very dangerous place especially for children. Careful planning and consideration in your swimming pool landscaping can prevent accidents. You can place slippery-proof surfaces surrounding the pool and other safety structures such as pool fences. To keep decks and patios safe, you can use slippery-resistant pavers like bricks, stone pavers and concrete blocks.


Privacy is another thing to consider in your swimming pool landscaping. You or your guests may not be able to have fun or relax if your entire pool area is exposed for your neighbors or passersby to see. To ensure you have privacy in your swimming pool, you can plant trees around the pool. You want to avoid fruit trees or trees that shed a lot of leaves because you do not want to keep cleaning debris out of your pool.

Maintenance Level

Maintaining a pool and its surrounding can be very hard so you need to plan your swimming pool landscaping carefully so that every feature from the trees to the structures that you build around the pool would be easy to maintain. Your swimming pool landscaping can be very beautiful but difficult to maintain or it can be very easy to maintain but the appearance can be very plain. You have to strike a balance between the two.