Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system works by slowly releasing water through a series of plastic tubes to all your plants, hanging baskets, small planters, etc.

Since the water pressure is minimal there is no over watering and run off. In fact, a drip irrigation system is over 90% efficient in watering compared to a sprinkler system at 60%

Your plants will be healthier with this type of water system because they are not simply drenched all at once. Drip irrigation provides the right amount of water to encourage root growth and soil moisture.

Many commercial growers have used drip irrigation for many years, including orchards, nurseries, vegetable growers and greenhouses. Over the last several years it has become popular with homeowners as well.

In many instances, drip irrigation systems can water those areas that sprinklers can’t. For instance, an odd shaped area or narrow area of landscape. It also works great on landscaping that is mounded. Instead of the water from a sprinkler just running off, the drip irrigation will allow it to soak in.

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