Crown Moldings

Crown molding is a great way to give your home a sense of added value, without spending much money. Many perceive crown molding as expensive, and equate it with wealth. However, this is a total misconception because it costs very little. So, why hasn’t everyone rushed to the lumberyard to buy up crown molding and add it to their home? Well, for one, installing crown molding really hasn’t been a DIY project because cutting compound angles and keeping track of inside and outside corners, not to mention all those splices and the molding’s various orientations, has been such a nightmare that most folks either call a pro, or balk at the cost of doing so. The material itself is inexpensive, but paying someone to install it can be costly. So, what can you do if you want crown moldings, and you do not want to pay the price for an installer?

To start we need to identify the reasons it is difficult to do it yourself, and then try to overcome them. If you can install crown moldings yourself then there should be nothing stopping you. It seems like the biggest problem with self installation of crown moldings has always been cutting the angles, rather than the actual installation. Why? How hard can it be? If the angles of your room were perfectly square, then this would be simple, but unfortunately most crown moldings don’t sit against the wall at 45 degrees, and the corners in your rooms are rarely a perfect 90 degrees. So, cutting them just right becomes problematic.

So, how do you solve this problem? You find tools that eliminate the problem and confusion, as well as the math because this is where many people mess up their crown moldings project. So, get a true angle measurer, and a miter saw that you feel comfortable using, and eliminate the guesswork.