Choosing Plants in Soft Landscaping

Creative soft landscaping can breathe life to a garden and gives the garden its unique ambiance. Because it is the main component in any garden, the collection of plants that will be used in a garden must be selected with care.

The biggest concern in soft landscaping is the nature of the vegetation itself. It is the gardener’s worst nightmare to see that the decorative flowers and herbs he planted a week before has begun to wilt.

To avoid this problem, one should choose the plants carefully. Usually, local fauna rather than exotic or countryside vegetation are best for large scale planting. They also require less maintenance since the plants have already adapted to the soil conditions in the area.

Since flowers are usually the main attraction of a garden, it is important to select a variety of annual flowers. These flowers complete their life cycle within one year. At the end of that year, the flowers die, allowing time to propagate and produce new, fresh flowers during the next season.

After the plants are chosen, garden cover usually comes next. Ground cover effectively utilizes garden space. Usually, ground cover is ornamental grass but some people use moss. Healthy ground cover involves having a strong root system to help prevent soil erosion when it rains and when planting other vegetation. Since ground cover grows and spreads rather quickly, it is a good idea to leave some areas bare where the grass can expand.

Putting in the ornamental vegetation is the most tedious but the most rewarding part of soft landscaping. Although local flora can live and grow in the local soil condition, certain plants are more suited to a certain conditions rather than others. For example, some plants require moist soil while some grow well in dry ones. With this in mind, some areas of the garden should have a different type of soil other than soil in the surrounding area. This is an added burden but the effects are paid off.

Lastly, including specimen trees in the soft landscaping is recommended. Not only do they look beautiful, but they can also help define the community’s urban landscape. One should not overdo planting trees, however, their size and height will dominate the garden.

A garden makes a home a better place to live in. Choosing the right plants is the first step to make it the ideal home.