Caring for Conservatory Plants

Blinds will also help to keep your conservatory cooler which is ideal because too much heat can stress your plants. It also means plants won’t dry out and need constant watering. Cold is less of a problem because even plants used to sub-tropical conditions are fine at 4 to 8°C. Ventilation is important to regulate the temperature, so make sure you have enough airflow as plants like fresh air, even in winter. Fresh air also helps to prevent the build-up of fungal diseases and some plants, such as citrus trees, will shed their leaves if they don’t get enough air.

Watering is also important and in summer you may need to water your plants every day. Plants with lots of leaves tend to need more water than those with fewer leaves and those in small pots need more water than those in larger ones. Most bought plants these days come with clear instructions about watering.

Feed plants once a week in spring and summer but reduce this to once a month in winter when plants are dormant. A fertiliser which is high in potash is good for flowering plants. Green plants do well with fertilisers high in nitrogen while citrus fertiliser will keep your citrus trees in tip-top condition and help them to produce fruit.

Plants need room to grow so check the roots and if they are too tightly packed, re-pot in spring or summer. Prune plants if they start to become leggy but wait until after the plant has flowered. Pinching off the tips on bushier plants will also help to cut down on the need for pruning and also encourages flowering.