Benefits of Using a Lot of Compost

Compost not only returns or adds nutrients but also helps with water retention and acts as a mulch. Many organisms and good bacteria thrive in well composted soil thus ensuring constant biological activity that helps break down ‘hard’ soils and aerates plant roots.

Too many gardeners are struggling to garden in some horrific soil conditions and see the treatment of garden soil as an unaffordable option. Ordering compost in large loads is not only cost effective but also very convenient as in most cases, it is delivered to your home. Be sure to buy any compost from reputable sources as often, compost bought off the street, contains weeds and disease.

Compost should also not contain certain components such as dog feces. Freshly cut grass can also cause more harm then good so make sure that it is well composted on not visible in any bought compost. Large branches and shrubs can be used but make sure your supplier has broken them down, or had them chipped and that there is no evidence of large sticks or branches. It is also worth checking for building rubble as this is a sure sign that the compost has been very poorly made.

In essence, nothing in this article should come as a surprise to any gardener but composting is an activity that is easily forgotten, especially when finance is tight. The benefits, however, should not be overlooked as a healthy and established garden is not only exceptionally pleasing to the eye but can also play a major role in securing a good price for your property, should the time come to sell.