Backyard Fireplaces

How do you choose size and style? Well for starters, take a look at your back yard.
Large or small? Think about where you want this fireplace to be. If it is a small area then a large backyard fireplace will be very inconvenient. On the other hand, small backyard fireplaces present the problem of the wood you use being too large. You will have to buy or cut the wood to fit the size of your backyard fireplace, so consider that into your decision, as that may be a big inconvenience for you.

The style of the backyard fireplace you choose will depend on your personality, and your personal tastes. Some people opt for a big clay chimineas that has native paintings on it, others go for a more refined look, and get a nice aluminum fireplace, or build a fireplace out of tiles and slate as though it were indoors. The style you choose will be dictated by your budget, and what you like, not to mention what will best fit and look right near your home and in your yard.

There are different types of backyard fireplaces that need to be considered. One such fireplace is the chiminea, which comes in a variety of sizes and styles, from clay to cast iron. The other option for a backyard fireplace of sorts is a good old fashioned firepit.

If you are looking for something more that has an effect more like the fireplace in your home then the chiminea would be best. It has a neck that draws the smoke out through it, creating only a small amount of smoke to escape toward you at the beginning and end of your fire like that in your home. However, chimineas are larger and cost significantly more than a firepit, so if you are looking for something for a small area or have a tiny budget, the fire pit might be the better way to go.

There are different styles of fire pits, you can get a table top firepit or a fire bowl design, or the traditional camping ring look for a fire pit. The size of a fire put will vary, but ranges from 20 inches in diameter to 45 plus inches; small fire pits are approximately 20-25 inches in diameter, the medium are about 25-35inches in diameter and the large are roughly 40-45 inches in diameter. You can get an inexpensive fire pit for about one hundred dollars, or less, but that wont be guaranteed quality in any way. If you want one that will last for a long time you will probably end up paying more than five hundred dollars. With that price, you can also get a pretty decent chimineas.