Crown Moldings

Crown molding is a great way to give your home a sense of added value, without spending much money. Many perceive crown molding as expensive, and equate it with wealth. However, this is a total misconception because it costs very little. So, why hasn’t everyone rushed to the lumberyard to buy up crown molding and add it to their home? Well, for one, installing crown molding really hasn’t been a DIY project because cutting compound angles and keeping track of inside and outside corners, not to mention all those splices and the molding’s various orientations, has been such a nightmare that most folks either call a pro, or balk at the cost of doing so. The material itself is inexpensive, but paying someone to install it can be costly. So, what can you do if you want crown moldings, and … Read the rest

Curtain Walling

In the middle ages, the castles or tombs needed some protective and secure option to be safe from intruders. Earlier these walls were made of stones which were very effective and did not rot easily as well. Now with the passing time, the look and feel of the space became an important aspect as well apart from protection and safety. Today’s curtain walls are made up of aluminium frames and glass material to make it look appealing yet strong as a whole. In the present structure, a thin wall of glass is attached or affixed to the building exterior along with the frames of a robust and pocket-friendly material called aluminium. This wall is proven helpful in keeping the wind and water outside. The wall being horizontal in shape does allow space or facility to have an overall stable structure.… Read the rest

Get Plants For Free With No Effort


Poppies are beautiful flowers and prolific self seeders. They can remain in the ground for years and then grow when the soil is turned over. They grow fine in poor soil but like lots of sunshine. The seedlings are easily recognisable once you have them and that is useful if you want to transplant them because they are not keen on being moved but you may get away with it if you move them while they are still small. Make sure if you try you dig round and deep so you get the whole tap root and some soil around it.


If you have more shade and less sun then tall and elegant foxgloves may be for you. They are poisonous though so consider carefully if you have children or pets. They self seed easily but the purple … Read the rest

Ruby Falls Redbud

Ruby Falls blooms in profusion for two to three weeks in the months of March and April. Clusters of hot pink and rose-purple, pea shaped flowers bloom in clumps of color on mature trunks and the bare branches before the leaves show up. The bright flowers attract pollinators such as bees, birds and butterflies for a colorful display of movement and grace. Sitting on a bench nearby and watching the show is a way to get back into nature. It’s also a great way to introduce butterflies, bees and birds to young children who are sure to enjoy the display.

When the seed pods appear in summer, they give the appearance of looking like snow peas. The heart shape leaves of a deep rich purple open up in a ruby purple color in spring, then darken to a deep purple. … Read the rest

Deer Resistant Plants

Holly bushes grow in drained and slightly acidic soils. The bright red berries on this evergreen plant are said to repel the deer from reaching towards it. Planting time for these bushes is in spring through early fall. It can give a deep and enriched look to your place in winters as it matures.

Azalea is a flowering shrub that grows red in color. It is one of those shade plants that requires only light shade. Therefore it is always preferred to grow them under a tree or shaded side of the house. Azaleas are broadleaf evergreen and slower growing than other flowering shrubs, yet they are popular because they are deer resistant.

Euonymus shrubs are popular deer resistant shrubs. While there are many euonymus varieties, burning bush is the most popular. The berry fruit that grows over it is … Read the rest

Outdoor Fire Pit

Before you build your own fire pit, you need to make sure it is OK that you make your fire pit based on the laws regarding creating structures like this on your property. Once you have the green light to make your fire pit on your residence grounds, the next part is gathering up the necessary supplies. In order to build your own fire pit, you will need to comparison shop and price tools and materials, such as bricks, trowels, cement and shovels.

When you wish to make a fire pit in your background, there are several ways to accomplish this task. Below you will find one set of step-by-step instructions to approaching this fun and exciting do-it-yourself home improvement project.

  • Identify where you would like to make your fire pit and insert a wooden rod into the center of
Read the rest

Info of Home Landscape Lighting

As far as our homes are concerned we tend to think about outdoor lighting in strictly practical terms. We have a light outside at the front and back doors and maybe a motion detector triggered light above the garage door. They are attached to the house or garage and are there just so you can safely see where you are going when outdoors at night.

But your homes outdoor lighting can be so much more than that. It doesn’t need to be just for seeing things at night. Properly done outdoor lighting can have a beauty and charm all its own and at the same time provide nighttime safety for your walkways and garden.

For many years savvy homeowners have tried to duplicate this beauty with landscape lighting in the yard around their homes and in their gardens. For the … Read the rest

Homemade Stepping Stones

Before designing your own unique stepping stone you need the following things

  • A bag of quick setting concrete
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Shovel or hoe
  • Container to use as a mold
  • Coins
  • Leaves
  • Broken tile or other hard items which can be used for decoration
  • Old spoon

The size of your stepping stone can vary but you have to make sure that its thickness is at least 2 inches. You also have to make sure that your work area is covered by newspapers or plastic wrap which will help in cleaning after you are done.

Before starting the preparation of stepping stone you need to decide what would be the shape and size of your stepping stone. In layman’s language your structure is pre-decided and requires giving the shape. The most important thing which you have to keep in mind while preparing … Read the rest

Landscaping Doorstep

Jazz Up Your Front Garden

You can give your home a more welcoming look by adding flowers to the front garden: whether in flowerbeds or lining the walkway to your home, vibrant flowers will be a pleasure for the eye. They will enhance your visitors first impression of you and your home.

The Power Of Trees

You can use trees and bushes to line your home’s porch or front garden to great effect. You should always maintain them properly to keep them neat, and can use fruit trees and dogwoods for their beauty and relaxing fragrances. You may, however, want to avoid planting trees that lose their leaves near pathways as they could become rather slippery in the fall.

Spruce Up Your Porch

Depending on the size of your porch you can add various pieces of furniture such as benches … Read the rest

Make Flower Borders

Perennials are considered the mainstay of the mixed borders. Though some are short-lived, most live for years increasing in number. Each winter they die down, then spring comes and up they spring.Some bloom just once and briefly, while others may bloom, if dead-headed (removing the spent flowers), for months and months. Although there are perennials you never disturb, for example – peonies; most, however, need dividing every few years.
If you only have one mixed border, you probably would like to have flowers throughout the growing season. Choose plants that are lovely for more than just a week or two. If there are any gaps (no blooms) in the border, you can fill with annuals or other flowering plants in pots. Flowering shrubs and remontant (repeat blooming) roses add color to the background.

The border should be at least 10 … Read the rest