Choosing Garden Shed

When you have reached the decision about buying a new shed a good point to consider is the base it requires. If you are thinking of replacing your existing shed, then you would have to decide whether or not to keep the original base, or for a small fee and with minimal effort, a new one can be laid for you.

Whatever material you choose to have your shed made from your decision should revolve around what you need the shed for. Is it going to be just for storage or maybe a workshop? Perhaps you want it for both, in which case a larger shed is probably necessary. The size of the shed should also fit well into the space available. Make sure you take precise measurements of various parts of the shed. A good tip is to check … Read the rest

Keep a Healthy Flowers Garden

Any garden big or small requires a strong base, which in this case is the soil. Inserting good, fertile soil is probably the best thing you can do for a healthy garden. The more fertile the soil, the more healthy your plants will be. You can either buy fertile soil from a store or choose to cure the one that’s already present in your garden. However, it is important to note that not all soil is the same, but serve different flower types and/or gardening needs.

For example, flowers and vegetables require nutrient rich soil, while herb plants achieve healthy growth with compost free soil. After you’ve determined the type of soil that’s best for your flower garden, you can add an extra layer of protection in several ways. First, keep tillage and compacting of the soil to a bare … Read the rest

Lotus Flowers

There are several kinds of lotus flowers for you to choose from, available on the market today. Increase the luxury and ambiance that a garden pond provides already, by planting lotus flowers – these will bloom impressively and flourish in your personal outdoor sanctuary. Create an even more beautiful place to relax and unwind at home. Perennial plants such as lotus flowers are a great idea for any garden pond. These plants want good soil, however, and humid condition. Nonetheless, it is not absolutely impossible, to adjust them to more dry environmental conditions.

Winds as well as the height of the plant’s leaves may bend or become discolored, brown and dry or discolored. So you should care for your lotus plants with a dedicated, continuous observation. If you live in less than ideal conditions, for the safety and beauty of … Read the rest

Outdoor Decorating Tips

  • Porch or Patio: If you already have a porch or patio, simply putting new furniture out can make a wonderful difference in the presentation of your home. Alternatively, you can simply buy new cushions or covers for your existing patio furniture. Other quick patio spruce ups can be as simple as putting out a few flowering potted plants, adding gnomes or statues, or putting a small water fountain into the space.
  • Walkways: Having walkways outside your home add a cozy, homey and inviting feel to the overall outdoor presentation. Just a straight concrete walkway can be spruced up by putting a bit of garden bed edging along each side… putting small solar walkway lights on each side… or planting colorful annual flowers such as petunias on each side. If you don’t already have a walkway and want to create one,
Read the rest

Discount Garden Furniture

The typical way to find discount garden furniture is to go to any garden furnishing store and head directly to the clearance section. Once you have made the rounds there, go through the main section of the store and look for “Price Reduced” and “Discount Price” tags. There are some high scale stores that will not advertise “discount garden furniture” even when they have stock, but will simply mark the prices down on the price tags.

Discount garden furniture stores abound and come in all types from specialty stores such as discount teak garden furniture to those which sell a variety of styles from wicker to cedar garden furniture. The key to shopping at discount garden furniture stores is to make sure that the discount is not because of a manufacturing defect that may cause bodily injury or an incomplete … Read the rest

Caring for Conservatory Plants

Blinds will also help to keep your conservatory cooler which is ideal because too much heat can stress your plants. It also means plants won’t dry out and need constant watering. Cold is less of a problem because even plants used to sub-tropical conditions are fine at 4 to 8°C. Ventilation is important to regulate the temperature, so make sure you have enough airflow as plants like fresh air, even in winter. Fresh air also helps to prevent the build-up of fungal diseases and some plants, such as citrus trees, will shed their leaves if they don’t get enough air.

Watering is also important and in summer you may need to water your plants every day. Plants with lots of leaves tend to need more water than those with fewer leaves and those in small pots need more water than … Read the rest

Hazel Tree

Identifying a Hazel Tree

The tree will grow to about 12m tall and can live for around 80 years if left to grow on its own accord. Hazel’s are usually coppiced to increase their life expectancy and can live for up to 700 years if coppiced. The smooth bark is greyish to brown in colour and begins to peel with age. The stems are hairy and flexible with hairy, rounded leaf buds which are blunt. Leaves are green, hairy and rounded with multiple teeth like pointed tips; these turn yellow before they fall off the tree during autumn.

Hazel trees have monoecious reproductive systems, which mean that the male and the female catkins (flowers) are located within the same tree, they must however be pollinated by other hazel flower pollen. The male catkins are yellow and hang in bunches on … Read the rest

Landscaping Brick

To transform any backyard into a wonderful entertainment area try adding a brick patio. It’s easy for anyone to build. To construct a patio, all you will need is brick and mortar, patience, and some time. You can decide which way to lay them, perhaps in a row all in the same direction. A basket weave design is also another wonderful idea and will give your project a distinctive creative look. To do this you will need to alternate the brick in a vertical and horizontal way, creating a wonderful design in the pattern.

For many years landscape brick materials have become one of the most commonly used items in gardens. You can utilize them to border your flower garden or to build a small retaining wall around your flowerbed. They are also a big support with water gardens. You … Read the rest

Water Features in Greenhouse

Water features in a greenhouse can come in the form of a pond, fountain, or waterfall. All three of these options fill the greenhouse with the sound of running water, creating a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. The background noise provided by the running water also drowns out unwanted sounds, such as traffic.

Adding water features to a greenhouse not only develops the design aesthetic of the greenhouse, but also offers unique benefits. Sharing space in your greenhouse with a water feature promotes a relaxing environment for you, and helps your plants to thrive. Banana trees, for example, if planted by a pond, will pull the water they need from the pond in order to produce fruit.

A water feature can add both functionality and a decorative element to the greenhouse. By adding a pond to your greenhouse the ability to grow … Read the rest

Poolside Landscape

The space chosen as the area to build and design a pool is very important and thus, should be chosen carefully keeping in mind the right proportions and the overall area of the house. This spacing and designing again may vary depending on the look and styles such as formal, radical, classical or simple. The materials chosen to use as the border of the pool should be water friendly. The plants and herbs chosen to decorate a poolside landscape are usually the sort that do not grow tall or spread themselves too much. Leaves falling from these branches may make the water dirty and make the cleaning process more difficult. In case of big plants and trees, it is advisable to place them at a considerable distance from the pool water, to keep the water unaffected from leaves or droppings … Read the rest