Ways to Fix Bad Garden Soil

The first method to clear out all the unwanted debris in the soil. For example, you want to clear out anything that includes synthetic materials, weeds, and rocks. Basically, you should try and get rid of anything that provides no help to your plants. You may have to dig a few inches underground in order to identify these debris but it is a step that has to be taken. Rocks have to be removed because they impede the growth of a plant’s root system. You want a plant’s root system to be as extensive as possible so that it can absorb as much nutrients as possible. When you clear out the debris, make sure you don’t touch any of the organic materials. For example, don’t touch things such as dead leaves because they will break down and turn into.

The second method is to replenish the nutrients and minerals in the soil. There are two ways of doing this. You can either purchase organic compost from stores or make your own. If you want to make your own then you will need to have a composting bin. These bins will help break down organic waste into nutritious compost or mulch. Obviously, plants are going to grow stronger if there are more nutrients in the ground. If you use the garden on a regular basis then you may have to add compost on a regular basis. This is why some gardeners like to relocate their garden spot every few years. This gives a chance for the old spot to revitalize its mineral levels.

The third method is to aerate the soil. You want to give your plants enough space to breathe. This can be achieved by breaking down the soil into smaller parts. For example, if the soil is lumped together then you are not making it easy for the plant to grow since it won’t be easy for the roots to penetrate the soil. If you follow these three methods then the garden soil will once again be as good as new.