Secret Behind Aquaponics

The first invention after conventional gardening was Hydroponics. This made gardening much easier by growing vegetables in small pots in water. The only drawback is it involves the use of chemicals and fertilizers which means that it is not quite organic. Now we have hydroponics and aquaculture teamed up together called aquaponics. When you build an aquaponic system the use of chemicals and fertilizers are not required.

Aquaponic farming as it is now called is a way of growing plants and fish in a natural and interdependent way with each other. You have the fish in a normal fish tank then after a certain period of time you plant the seeds and grow the veggies. All you basically have to do is take care of the fish and the plants will grow and develop naturally.

The principle is simple, the fish provide the food and fertilizer (fish pooh), while the plants clean the water for the fish making a perfect cycle. As long as your fish are happy your plants will be happy.

Think of the advantages a system like this can offer you: Independence from the market and its rising prices. Travel time, as your veggies are at hand. Grown in a small location, like home or garage. No digging or weeding. No back breaking work preparing the land. In fact no land required.

Independence from the market and travel time would be a big plus for someone living a long way from the market or having to carry food back home if you don’t have transport. Many people livening in a high-rise apartment complex can take advantage of aquaponics because you don’t need land to grow your own vegetables.

As you can see aquaponics is the farming of the future. It is so futuristic that many authors use aquaponics in their science fiction novels as a way of farm in the future. If you have read this far and have not found the answer to “What is the secret behind apaponics” the answer is FISH!
Gardening has never been this easy.