Perennial Plant

Perennial flowers bloom year after year and are found in most every yard. They are more affordable than shrubs or trees and can be grown easily in multiples whether in whole garden beds, as accents to trees and shrubs, in combination with annuals and even in pots or window boxes. Moreover the perennial plants grow a little larger in size every year and can often be divided and added to other empty spaces of your flowerbed.

Theoretically speaking trees and shrubs are also perennial as they live for more than 3 years. However, horticulturalists tend to categorize the perennials into 2 distinct varieties – herbaceous perennials and woody perennials. Woody perennials include shrubs, vines and trees that endure the winter and resume growth with the arrival of spring. Herbaceous perennials die back in the fall but its roots remain active so as to survive the winter and resume growth, once again, in the spring.

So, what are the benefits of perennial plants over the annual plants? Most annual plants require a lot of maintenance including purchasing the seeds, planting them, nurturing them in the growing season, adding lots of supplemental water and fertilizers frequently and finally once the growing season is gone, your annual plant will die out. Instead of spending lots of time and effort on annual plants, it would be so much easier to opt to planting a few perennial plants in your yard which would not only make you garden look more attractive but also require less effort. Perennial plants bloom for seasons to come and require a minimum tending in way of fertilizing and watering. The fact that the roots of the perennials goes deep within the ground makes them much easier to maintain.

Many perennials are faster growers thus filling up your yard or garden spaces. Plus, many perennial plants often can continue blooming when old blooms are clipped or pinched off. Whether you are looking for creepers, ground covering plants or bordering plants there are a host of perennial plants to suit all your needs.

A garden border with perennials like coral bells can be a good idea and it would add a dash of color to your woodland garden. A good example of ground covering perennial plants is the evergreen Creeping Phlox. They can create a stunning look when planted by the walkways or on hillsides. Planting evergreen perennials adds color and texture to the garden year round and some will grow in full shade to partially shaded areas.

Perennial creepers that can alter the look of any cottage garden are the ground cover roses. These woody perennials can instantly brighten up your garden and flower from spring to fall.