Hillside Landscaping

Effective hillside landscaping ideas will take into account, above all else, the slope of the hillside. A hill with a gradual slope presents a much easier landscaping challenge than one with a considerable slope, which will require some very creative hillside landscaping ideas.

Flower lovers will be happy to know that flower bushes with a low spreading habit will be very effective as hillside landscaping. Bushes which grow “up” instead of “out” will develop odd growth patterns if planted on a hillside.

You should decide early in your hillside landscaping process if you want to use grass on your hillside or simply put down a layer of mulch. If you go with grass, it will have to be mowed, and many people find the mere thought of hillside mowing a sufficient reason to favor mulch.

The hillside landscaping ideas mentioned above all pertain to homes with their front yards on hillsides. If, however, you are dealing with a back yard hillside, you can look at various natural hillside landscaping techniques.

Instead of covering a back yard hillside with mulch to keep the weeds down, why not have a small waterfall put in to take advantage of the natural contours of the hillside? A waterfall is just one example of how you can use the “problems” of a hillside lot in a truly unique and exciting landscaping scheme.

When you have interviewed a landscaper whose ideas hillside landscaping appeal to your imagination, schedule a longer meeting so you can discuss them in depth. Before the meeting you can do an Internet search for examples of hillside landscaping which you think would work well in you situation, and show them to the landscaper. Between you, you’ll have a hillside fully worthy of the dream home which sits on it!