Garden Water Fountains in Entryways

Water fountains look great just about anywhere in the front entryway or front garden areas. Some people choose to use them in the center of a circular driveway. These types of placements usually call for a border of bright flowers in a variety of hues. Some fountains look great right at the front of the house with the door location more in the background. Usually this placement is surrounded by grass and taller, more tropical looking trees like Banana Leaf Trees or Birds of Paradise. Courtyards are a great place to house a garden water fountain. Usually the fountain is the focal point of the courtyard and is surrounded by an array of plants of varying sizes, colors and types. Another popular spot for an entryway fountain is placing it on either side of the front door. This placement immediately makes guests feel warm and welcome. It is almost like the fountain is saying, “Leave your stress at the door and come relax inside.” Wherever your placement in the entryway, you can create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere just as easily in a front garden as in a backyard living area.

If you do choose to use a garden water fountain
at the front of your house instead of the back it is best to choose something that is attractive and that will draw attention as a centerpiece to your yard. Large statues are very common in front entryways. Choose a statue that compliments the overall theme of your house. For example, it would not be a good choice to use a classical, Roman looking statue in front of a country or craftsman style house. If your home has a tropical feel to it, a dolphin statue or a palm tree looking statue fountain might be a good addition. Typically, the generic tiered fountains match just about any style home.