Deer Resistant Plants

Holly bushes grow in drained and slightly acidic soils. The bright red berries on this evergreen plant are said to repel the deer from reaching towards it. Planting time for these bushes is in spring through early fall. It can give a deep and enriched look to your place in winters as it matures.

Azalea is a flowering shrub that grows red in color. It is one of those shade plants that requires only light shade. Therefore it is always preferred to grow them under a tree or shaded side of the house. Azaleas are broadleaf evergreen and slower growing than other flowering shrubs, yet they are popular because they are deer resistant.

Euonymus shrubs are popular deer resistant shrubs. While there are many euonymus varieties, burning bush is the most popular. The berry fruit that grows over it is of pinkish red color and have orange seeds. The leaves of this plant are opposite and ovoid. It is used for medicinal purposes and its direct consumption is poisonous to animals and humans.

Yucca actually falls under the species of perennial plants. Many of its kinds are evergreen perennial. It has the leaves which are shaped like sword with white flowers. They have waxy skin over its surface which prevents the loss of water due to evaporation. It is like an ornamental plant which has prickly leaves and therefore the deer stay away from this plant as its sharp spine leaves can injure them.

Abelia Shrubs are popular summer flowering shrubs. The pink colored tubular shaped flowers bloom under lustrous leaves making it look lovely and fragrant. Due to its low maintenance and pest control qualities, it is the favorite of all. It requires a sunny atmosphere and therefore in winters as well as summers it requires at least half-day sunlight.

Old Fashioned Viburnum shrub, also known as snowball bush has beautiful white ball bunches of flowers. This species of viburnum is seedless and bears no fruits. It can bloom even on the old wood of previous season.

Agastache is a great gardening plant. Many varieties produce many flowering colors that are generally long blooming. This perennial plant is both deer resistant as well as drought tolerant plant. The attractive blooms attract bees and hummingbirds.