Creating Outdoor Rooms

  • Determine where the garden room will be located and the size of the room.
  • Choose a floor surface such as dirt, grass, decking, stone, gravel or brick.
  • Create garden room walls with fences, hedges or flower beds. If I want to completely separate the room use a tall formal hedge or privacy fence. To keep the rooms open and more connected I might choose to use flower beds, containers or just a different type of floor surface.
  • I stand in the space and look up. I can then decide what type of ceiling I want to incorporate into the space. The sky usually acts as the ceiling, but I could choose to use a pergola, covered porch, a canopy of trees, a garden arbor or an umbrella.
  • Once the work is complete, I can accessorize the casual living patio furniture with container gardens, outdoor lighting, plants, fountains, fire pits and weather-resistant fabrics.

I have my plan in hand and head to my local garden center where I purchase the needed supplies to make that plan a reality.

The work is complete now and I am enjoying my new outdoor room with casual living patio furniture, containers filled with vibrant colored flowers, a garden arbor covered with wisteria, birds and butterflies fluttering around and a beautiful fountain that makes me remember a stream near my home when I was a child.