Create a Tropical Retreat

Purchasing a greenhouse manufactured with thermally enhanced aluminum framework and high performance glazing will ensure your structure is energy efficient and durable. Aluminum framing will not rot or warp in the high moisture levels created by the pool, like a greenhouse with wood framing might. The aluminum framing and high performance glazing with low emissivity (LowE) coatings will also reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, which will help to keep heating and cooling costs down. Incorporating vents into the greenhouse will provide fresh air exchanges for plants while helping to maintain comfortable temperature and humidity levels.

A greenhouse can be a freestanding structure or share a wall with another building. An attached greenhouse can be accessed directly from your home; thus you’ll never have to brave the cold or inclement weather to get to your tropical retreat. A freestanding greenhouse can be placed anywhere on your property and be as large as you desire. Utilizing a freestanding greenhouse for your tropical getaway may be favorable if you want to leave your home but not your property.

Enclosing a pool with a greenhouse not only allows you to enjoy your pool year-round, but it may also save you money. Enclosing the pool prevents leaves and debris from entering the water; reducing cleaning time. The shelter provided by the greenhouse keeps the water in the pool protected from precipitation and evaporation, which helps keep the pool at the appropriate chemical levels. The consistent temperature of the air around the pool due to solar heat gain, combined with a heating system, helps maintain the temperature of the water. The enclosure lowers the costs associated with heating the pool, saves on cleaning costs, and can reduce the chemicals required to operate the pool year-round.

The warm, moist environment created by the enclosed pool provides an excellent home for tropical plants to thrive. Placing palms and tropical succulents around the pool will create the feeling of an island retreat. Adding a sitting area with wicker furniture and larger plants will provide a relaxing, intimate space for you and your guests to enjoy, regardless of the weather outside.