Backyard Landscaping Stone

Use Stones

Picking a landscaping stone is no easy task. There are numerous types of stones and often many variations within each type. Almost any shape, texture and color are available for each landscape project you intend to do. Some rocks are found locally and they are cheap and authentic. Others are foreign rocks that can give your backyard landscape a very unique and sensational appearance.

Choosing Stones

If you do not know which stone to pick, you could hire a landscape designer or observe the yards of your friends, relatives or neighbours. The internet is also full of advice on landscaping marbles. In addition, you may consider the following four options.

  • Natural stone – This pebble is the best because of its wide assortment of textures and colors. Many people will prefer it also because of the simple fact that it is natural and beautiful. It can be used to make a long-lasting structure because of its sturdiness. The only demerit to this rock is its bulkiness. It can be hard to work with. For a landscape that will never go out of style, choose this option.
  • Manufactured stone – This pebble is man-made. It is therefore light weight and easier to lift and install. It works best for do-it-yourself home improvement projects. You will find this stone in the interiors of most homes today.
  • Cut stone – Besides choosing the best type of rock for your garden, you will pick the best rock shape. For a more uniform and posh feel, choose the cut stone. But this does not mean that you cannot mix cut and uncut stones. You can only be limited by the figment of your imagination. It is important to note that cut rocks are more expensive though, because the cut itself is done professionally.
  • Uncut stone – If you decide to buy natural pebbles, you may use them in one piece. They will look even more natural than if you were to have them cut and shaped. Most projects will either go with the natural, uncut rock or the man-made, cut rock. Which one will you prefer?

If you want to build patios and walkways, landscaping stones will be the best picks. Do you have two-tier yards? An accent wall with stone stairs will be a brilliant designing idea. Other backyard projects that can use stones include benches, surroundings for swimming pools or ponds, birdbaths and fountains among other features. Backyard landscaping installations can be done professionally by a hired expert. All the same if you want to reduce the costs you can do it personally.