Transplanting Seedlings

The Principle Involved

Knowing the principle of air circulation, which is the reason behind not compacting the soil, and also knowing that compacted soil cuts down on growth and production, I should have figured this out years ago. But I didn’t. Dah! (I have a feeling I’m in good company though.)

Try This Approach

Try this approach when transplanting any tiny seedling or even when youre potting-up tiny seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other warm weather crops. The same principles apply for larger transplants.

  • Place the seedling in the hole where you’re going to plant it.
  • Place the dirt around it to fully cover the root.
  • Do NOT pack the soil down.
  • If the soil is moist (like just after a nice rain) firm it EVER SO GENTLY.
  • If the soil is dry, sprinkle with light
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Crucial Steps To Successful Herb Gardening

Make a plan

Rather than just going to the garden center and purchasing whatever herbs smell good or look pretty do some research and choose plants you will actually cook with. Figure out which herbs will go with the food you and your family enjoy eating. It’s fun to add a few plants to experiment with but start with a basic lineup and go from there.

Follow and connect with bloggers and garden sites online for useful tips and advice.

This is a great way to find other new herb gardeners and people that are experiencing the same challenges you’re facing and may be asking similar questions. Local stores sometimes offer specials on the web along with videos and classes. One site that I enjoy is hosted by P. Allen Smith. He has a show on the Create Channel, a … Read the rest