Landscape Fabric

First. There is no such thing as a no maintenance landscape. In many instances landscape fabric can make your life a lot easier. However, there is an upside and a downside to using it. And as with most everything else, proper installation and maintenance is required if you intend to use it.

Also, keep in mind that I’m referring to professional quality grade materials and not the flimsy products sold in do it yourself and home centers. If you’re going to use that, you might as well use newspapers or cardboard boxes under your groundcover.

Landscape fabrics have their applications. They aren’t necessary in all applications but might be preferred in regards to the type of groundcover you use.

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Growing Tomatoes Vertically

Choose a sunny location

Tomatoes require at least 6 hours of sun, so choose a warm location like a sunny balcony or a wall which receives plenty of sunlight. As many small urban spaces are often overshadowed by surrounding buildings, the first thing you need to check is that you have enough sun.

Grow tomatoes in a hanging pot or wall mounted pocket

Choose containers

The basic rule of thumb is the larger the pot, the larger the tomato variety you can plant. If you’re going to planting a cherry tomato variety, you can use smaller hanging pots, window boxes or fabric pockets for a vertical wall mounted structure. If the container does not have drainage holes, drill small holes on the bottom of the container before filling it with soil.

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Italian and French Gardens

During the sixteenth century the initiative passed to Rome, where the architect Bramante designed a papal garden within the Vatican. This was forerunner of the High Renaissance style, with a magnificent arrangement of steps and terraces, which became a prototype for everything which became followed. From then on gardens became even more ostentatious in design, with terraces at different levels retained by walls and interconnected by grand staircases. Water again became a major feature, as it was in Islamic gardens. It was pressurized and used spectacularly, progressing down an incline or displayed in an elaborate fountain. While these Renaissance gardens were still places for cool retreat, with shade and water of great importance, they were also showplaces where the site and its vegetation were deliberately manipulated. The Italians were really the first to make decorative use of plants, with hedges, … Read the rest

Joys of Composting Eggshells

Eggshells are primarily made up of calcium carbonate, the same calcium carbonate the makes up the agricultural lime that many farmers add to their soil. Calcium carbonate helps plants develop healthy structures and is required for normal cell growth. It is often recommended for blossom-end rot or BER. BER develops when there is insufficient calcium in developing cells of the plants. If your soil needs calcium, then the eggshells a normal household produces will not be enough. In this situation, go ahead and buy lime or calcium carbonate to improve your soil composition. For those of us that are maintaining already balanced soil, the amount of calcium carbonate you will be adding is helpful over the long haul.

While calcium carbonate the primary gardening benefit of eggshells, it is not the only mineral they provide. Eggshells also contain phosphorus, nitrogen, … Read the rest

Types of Orchids

  • Phalaenopsis Orchids (Moth Orchids)

These are the most commonly found Orchids used as household plants. They are extremely common because they are easy to grow and re-bloom in average household conditions. These are the perfect Orchids for beginners because they are forgiving of mistakes as well. The flowers of a Phalaenopsis Orchid are said to look like moths in flight, hence the name. This is one of the types of Orchid that you can find in any color, making them the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion.

  • Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids are another popular orchid best known for their use in corsages. The flowers from this species last for a long time after they are cut and placed in water. The flowers have been known to last a few months if placed in a vase with water. This type … Read the rest

Benefits of Roof Gardens

Enhanced value

The most obvious advantage of a roof garden is as a valuable amenity that enhances the worth of the structure it occupies for a relatively modest expenditure. A roof garden substantially enhances re-sale or rental values. It raises property values. It is additional or reclaimed usable space. A bonus is the ability to gain promotion and marketing benefits via a green roof.

Increased Life Expectancy of the Roof

One of the great benefits of roof gardens and green roofs is that, by protecting the underlying roof covering, they extend the life of the existing roof fabric by up to 200%. A green roof protects the roof membrane from climatic extremes and physical abuse, thereby greatly increasing the life expectancy of the roof.

Property Tax Credit Incentives

New York City recently passed a city bylaw that rewards building-owners who … Read the rest

Successful Herb Gardening

Finding the Perfect Growing Conditions

It is imperative that your herbs grow in the right environment and you need to know what growing conditions will allow for the growth of the herbs easily and without much loss. Different herbs will obviously have a difference in the perfect conditions that they need for their growth. Despite this fact, there are ideal conditions that all herbs require in order to grow without a lot of problems. The ideal conditions for the growth of herbs include sunny and sheltered locations with well drain soil as well as the availability of adequate water. it is however not common that all of these conditions will be exactly where you need them and sometimes you can have good quality soil and too much sunlight, or enough sunlight and not so good quality soil. In this case, … Read the rest

Hillside Landscaping

Effective hillside landscaping ideas will take into account, above all else, the slope of the hillside. A hill with a gradual slope presents a much easier landscaping challenge than one with a considerable slope, which will require some very creative hillside landscaping ideas.

Flower lovers will be happy to know that flower bushes with a low spreading habit will be very effective as hillside landscaping. Bushes which grow “up” instead of “out” will develop odd growth patterns if planted on a hillside.

You should decide early in your hillside landscaping process if you want to use grass on your hillside or simply put down a layer of mulch. If you go with grass, it will have to be mowed, and many people find the mere thought of hillside mowing a sufficient reason to favor mulch.

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Backyard Landscaping Stone

Use Stones

Picking a landscaping stone is no easy task. There are numerous types of stones and often many variations within each type. Almost any shape, texture and color are available for each landscape project you intend to do. Some rocks are found locally and they are cheap and authentic. Others are foreign rocks that can give your backyard landscape a very unique and sensational appearance.

Choosing Stones

If you do not know which stone to pick, you could hire a landscape designer or observe the yards of your friends, relatives or neighbours. The internet is also full of advice on landscaping marbles. In addition, you may consider the following four options.

  • Natural stone – This pebble is the best because of its wide assortment of textures and colors. Many people will prefer it also because of the simple fact
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Disguising Oil Tank in Garden

  • Build a shed around your heating oil tank. The shed will need to have large doors so that the entire tank can fit through, in case the tank needs replacing, and preferably not be of a wood construction in the event of a fire. The tank also needs to be well lit and easily accessible for filling, including sufficient roof height. Making the shed bigger than required for the tank will also ensure there is enough ventilation around the tank.
  • Put a trellis fence around your oil tank. Trellis is a great way to disguise a tank and can be incorporated with your garden theme and colours. Make sure you have a gate or entrance on one side so that the tank is easily accessible for filling and maintenance. You could even cover the trellis with hanging vines to create
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