Main Uses for Different Garden Buildings

A garden building is a simple wooden structure, mostly used to store unused equipment or gardening tools. These buildings may also be used as workshops. Small garden buildings are common buildings in many gardens because they are sturdy, durable, and functional. If you grow vegetables or fruit for you and your family members, you need a place to keep all your gardening tools. Of course, people are very curious and they want to be sure that the new building will meet their needs. Garden shed or log cabin is the most common choice because of the great look and curb appeal.

Garden buildings can be made in a lot of styles and sizes, but always with the one purpose of providing as much storage space as possible. These buildings are usually of a very simple design that makes it easy … Read the rest

Use Landscaping Natural Rocks

Aside from plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, and grass, landscaping designs also feature other materials such decorative landscaping natural rocks, stones, bricks and etcetera. These materials can give your landscape design a nice contrast. Of course, in order for you to choose the right landscaping natural rocks you need to understand their uses.

A great idea is to create a stone path in your garden using landscaping natural rocks. The path can lead your guests to the garden and continue throughout the area. Remember, that the stepping stones should have a level and smooth surface to make them easy to walk on.
Choose attractive rocks that will complement the other elements in your garden.

Aside from walkways, there are other uses for landscaping natural rocks. Because these pieces can easily attract the eyes, they are often used as markers or to … Read the rest

Mix Hydroponic Nutrients

  • Pour just enough water into a tank, tub, bucket or other container to fill the nutrient reservoir for your hydroponic system. Make sure you measure the number of gallons.
  • Check the pH level of the water you’ll be using in your nutrient mixture, using a pH test kit for hydroponic systems. You can get this kit from hydroponic stores and suppliers. The pH level must be between 5.0 and 6.0. If the level is beyond this range, use the chemicals in your kits to adjust the pH level down or up, until it’s within that range.
  • Measure two teaspoons for every gallon of a complete dry fertilizer that is soluble in water. Use a fertilizer with macro nutrients like magnesium, sulfur, potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, and calcium. Also, make sure that it contains essential micro nutrients such as boron, zinc, chlorine,
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Decorative Stone

One of the fastest growth areas experienced over the past 5 years has been the increased usage of decorative pebbles. Landscapers and homeowners basically have two main sources for these pebbles and stones.

Natural coloured stones can be sourced throughout Australia, under licence, from old river and creek beds where their removal does not harm the ecosystem. These stones are quarried, then tumbled to give a smooth rounded edge which adds a touch of class wherever used. Local decorative pebbles are increasingly being used throughout the landscaping of new display homes to provide a low maintenance, low water requirement home environment. Attractive exterior inorganic mulches like pebbles suppress weeds and retain soil moisture when applied over already moist soil. They don’t break down over time and with the wide range of colours available can look great providing a modern stylish … Read the rest

Plants to Start Growing Fruit

  • Potted fruit
    Even if you have a yard instead of a garden or a patio area, there are still fruits that can be grown. As long as they can get a bit of sunshine and you make sure they get some water, some of these plants will produce crop after crop for you.
  • Raspberry
    Raspberries actually do really well in pots as long as they have canes or some sort of framework to grow up. They produce their berries from early spring right through until the end of summer and can be used in a multitude of ways, apart from just popping them in your mouth as soon as you’ve picked and washed them. Health wise, they are high in vitamin C, with a single cup of them giving 54% of the recommended daily amount of the vitamin.
  • Blueberries
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Buying Silk and Plastic Flowers

When most people hear the word plastic flowers they shudder at the thought. This is because they have a reputation of looking tacky. This is no longer the case because many of them are now being created to look as realistic as possible. Also not many plastic flowers are still being manufactured out of pure plastic. In fact, silk is now the preferred choice for artificial flowers and plants. Getting the best type of silk flowers, will come down to being in the know. By following these two tips you will be able to get silk flowers that will last a lifetime:

  • Price and quality: when it comes down to it, the price will determine the craftsmanship of the flowers. In most cases the more expensive it is the better quality you can expect and this is the same with
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Field Maple Tree

A fully matured tree will grow to about 20m tall and can live for up to 350 years. The bark is scaly and light brown with slim brown twigs and develops cracks in the bark with age. The leaf buds are grey in colour, small and form on long stalks. The small leaves have five segments with smooth teeth, which appear dark green in colour and have a shine to them.

Maple trees appear have a hermaphrodite reproductive system, which means that both the male and the female flowers contain reproductive parts within the same flower. The flowers can contain a number of both male and female organs; they are small, u-shaped, and green to yellow in colour and hang in clusters. Insects pollinate the flowers and they turn into big fruits with wings, these are disappeared by wind.

Interesting … Read the rest

Tree Planting Mistakes to Avoid

Choose the right tree

This seems like obvious advice, but a poor quality tree or the wrong tree in the right spot can be detrimental. Remember that not every tree available for sale is of good quality-and they might not be good quality for your specific region. Watch out for plants growing out of the container or any bark damage on younger trees. If you see these red flags, you’re signing on for a fixer upper.

You also need to ensure the tree will thrive in your chosen environment. Think about mature spread, height and make sure you have room for it to reach its full potential. You should also check the soil drainage, sun/shade exposure and pH of the soil to make sure the tree is a good fit for your location.

Just the right depth

Planting too deeply … Read the rest

Rooms Without Walls

Creating a room without walls is a dream made easy with innovative materials and concepts. The lines are blurred between indoor and outdoor furnishings now, a welcome and indulgent new approach. Look for generously proportioned pieces. Deep cushions, graceful curves, and expanses of glass capture this season’s trend. Most noteworthy are materials that have the look and feel of fine furniture…all designed to elevate your outdoor space.

Capturing the charm of natural wicker, hand-woven resin combined with sold cast aluminum frames delivers exceptional resiliency and all-weather durability. These new “delicate” designs stand up to sun, water and fluctuating temperatures with virtually no cracking or fading. Pair a settee or softly sculpted arm chair with pillows bursting with fresh color and put your feet up. Finish the look with unexpected accessories, normally kept tucked indoors, like your favorite collection of vintage … Read the rest

Plant Fall Flowers

  • Plant Hearty Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums love fall. They are annuals that need very little care. Plant them in bloom and expect the flowers to look healthy for over a month. Once the flowers begin to fade, cut plants back to only a few inches above the ground. They will be dormant in winter but will grow quickly in spring and produce another round of flowers.
  • Move Plants to Better Locations: Some plants do not do well despite our best efforts. The cause could be their location (not enough sun, too much sun), soil conditions or nearby plants sapping the nutrients they need. Fall is a good time for a change in scenery. Cooler weather means most plants can tolerate transplanting. Select a site that receives the right amount of sunlight. Prepare the soil with the proper amendments. Once transplanted, keep the
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